Windows Phone Marketplace App Store

Finally Microsoft launches Windows Phone Marketplace App Store. It happens after Microsoft starts their luck to pushing out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. So, for anyone who uses Windows Phone 7, shortly will receive an update prompt to immediately download …

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Download BlackBerry App World 3.0

Now we can download BlackBerry App World 3.0. The app already late from its planned to launch in August, but better late than postponed. The BlackBerry App World offer many features and new user Interface to present new experience to any BlackBerry use…

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Dropbox now available for BlackBerry 7 smartphone

Great news for any BlackBerry user since the most popular cloud computing storage app, Dropbox now available for BlackBerry 7 smartphone. Even BlackBerry OS 7 comes to many BlackBerry devices but many high profile apps still don’t support BlackBe…

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Gameboy Emulator for Windows Phone 7

Play a game now becomes the thing to do first in a smartphone. Although it has been widely available portable game console that lets us play the game whenever and wherever. Still a good and modern smartphone is to provide gaming applications that appea…

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Download Dropsync Pro for Android

Android and Dropbox is a very good combination and therefore Dropsync Pro is an Android app that allows us the right to use the dropbox at the android phone. You can download Dropsync Pro for Android because it is reliable, battery efficient, full two-…

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Windows XP and OS X Snow Leopard unsupported by Apple iCloud

Apple has just released their upcoming cloud service, called as Apple iCloud. It has minimum specs where we must have OS X 10.7 Lion to use this cloud service. While for PC platform, Apple iCloud service is only support windows 7 and Windows Vista. Bes…

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Zune Pass expand to more countries

Microsoft will brings Zune Pass expand to more countries. The Zune Pass is the cloud service that allow us to streams millions of song over the Internet for only $14.99 per month. The service is more interesting compare with iTunes in the cloud because…

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Download Complete Driver for Windows

Windows driver is very important for every computer which just installed new Windows operating system. But not all hardware on the computer has already supported by Windows OS. They need additional task to install the correct driver to ensure the hardw…

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Safari 5, Web Browser Tercepat Dunia saat ini

Setelah event WWDC 2010, Apple akhirnya merilis Web Browser versi terbarunya yaitu SAFARI, kini menggunakan sandi kode SAFARI 5 , dengan penambahan pada fitur dan peforma yang signifikan.
5 Perubahan Besar itu adalah

Safari reader
Event Geater ( HTML 5 Support )
Better Peformance
Bing Search
Safari Developer Program

The world’s fastest web browser gets an engine upgrade. Enhancements to the Nitro [...]

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Update Snow Leopard 10.6.3

SNOW LEOPARD VERSI 10.6.3 sudah bisa di download di Software Update. atau download versi COMBO di
Apa aja yang di Update ? berikut beberapa update terbaru dari OSX 10.6.3 terbaru
The 10.6.3 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of [...]

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Download Driver Acer Ferrari One FO200 for Windows 7

Acer launched Acer Ferrari One FO200 as their best netbooks on the market. With most popular logo of Ferrari, Acer tried to borrows speed, endurance and versatile from Ferrari. That’s why the Ferrari One equipped with the highest hardware specifications.
With a huge 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, Wifi 802.11/b/g/n and larger keys than standard [...]

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Operamini di Blackberry dengan APN Blackberry

Tips ini diperuntukan bagi rekan-rekan yang ingin Browsing menggunakan Opera Mini di Blackberry dengan APN: Blackberry ( Unlimited Menggunakan BIS ) bukan menggunakan pulsa Gprs atau paketdata Broadband .
saya salah satu pengguna BB yang kurang suka browsing menggunakan BB Browser. alasannya ? kecepatan kurang optimal dan tampilannya polos banget.
ya, mungkin bagi [...]

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Lacak posisi BlackBerry anda Gratis

Anda ingin tahu dimana lokasi BlackBerry anda, apakah di sekolah, di rumah atau di rumah temannya? Ingin tahu ke mana saja pasangan Anda pergi hari ini?
LACAK! adalah jawabannya!
Pasang software LACAK! di BlackBerry anggota keluarga Anda, dan Anda akan bisa selalu memantau posisi mereka lewat internet. Layanan ini GRATIS!
Deskripsi Produk dan Cara kerja
LACAK! untuk BlackBerry
Di [...]

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Driver HP Mini 210 for Windows XP and Windows 7

HP has been release new netbook series that they called HP Mini 210. On this HP mini 210 series, so[.....]

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Internet Broadband 2 Mbps By Indosat

Memasuki tahun baru, Indosat mengajak pelanggannya melalui program bertajuk Meraih Mimpi Bersama IM3, dengan menikmati akses broadband cepat dan murah IM3 dengan tarif hanya Rp 0,3/KB. Tak hanya IM3, layanan tersebut juga dapat dinikmati oleh pelanggan Mentari.
Seperti VIVAnews kutip dari keterangannya, 19 Januari 2010, dengan akses broadband tersebut, pelanggan IM3 maupun Mentari dapat menikmati kecepatan [...]

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Quicken Home & Business 2010 [DOWNLOAD]

Quicken Home & Business 2010 gives you the personal finance features found in Quicken Premier plus tools that make it easy to see how your home business is doing. Manages both your p

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Quicken Deluxe 2010 [DOWNLOAD]

Quicken Deluxe 2010 gives you money management and budgeting tools to help you watch your spending and increase your savings. An intuitive \”Spending Planner\” summarizes your actual

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Speed download 5.2.7 for Snow leopard

Version 5.2.7:
* New: Updated HTML code to ensure tighter integration for downloading YouTube videos.
* Fixed: Preferences relating to Sleep after downloads are complete.
* Misc: Several under the hood performance tweaks.
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later; Snow Leopard compatible.
INTEL only
Tested and it seems working find so far.
1) First of all grab and install Speed Download [...]

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Local Chat dengan Bonjour

Menikmati Chating dengan IChat memang menyuguhkan fasilitas yang menabjubkan, bisa chating secara lokal denganprotokol Bonjour, maupun menggunakan akses internet dengan account, ( ) alhasil banyak yang bisa kita lakukan, mulai dengan Instant Mesengger, Video Confrence, share File , Share Screen dan masih banyak lagi. ya inilah fasilitas Ichat yang dibundling oleh sistem operasi Snow [...]

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Aplikasi Mobile Google untuk Smartphone

Download Apps Google untuk Smartphone anda.
Kunjungi :
Download List aplikasi

Gmail push mail
 Google Maps

Support for Apple Iphone, RIM Blackberry dan Smartphone Windows Mobile/ Symbian

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Free Download AVG Anti-Virus 9

AVG is still one of the more popular free antivirus available on the Internet and maintains this position with a combination of effective protection and easy to use.
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9 improvement in both areas and is an essential improvement because updates will be decided by the previous version. If you already have AVG [...]

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Download LastPass Password Manager

Although it is recommended to change your personal information for each site that requires a username and password, which is almost impossible. We have created our web browser such as Firefox 3, to remember our login information, but it is useless if we go to another computer. You may not want your team to store [...]

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Kalender 2009


Compact Calendar tahun 2009 hasil desain David Seah sudah tersedia. Kalender ini ramping—hanya perlu satu halaman— dengan wilayah kosong di bagian kanan kertas yang bisa ditambahi dengan kegiatan-kegiatan Anda. Sangat praktis.

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TimThumb Pembuat Thumbnail

Untuk membuat sebuah thumbnail (apa sih bahasa Indonesianya?), Anda bisa memanfaatkan skrip TimThumb tanpa perlu lagi direpotkan oleh perangkat lunak pengolah citra seperti GIMP atau Photoshop.

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