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Next Year, Let’s Visit Jogja Again!

Setelah Pasar Seni ITB di Bandung kemarin, akhir tahun nanti Insya Allah saya mau solo trip ke Ubud pas liburan natal nanti. Ceritanya mau

Another December

And now we’re expecting Christmas again! Yup, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I’m truly joyful for people’s happiness. I’m happy to see people happy

Udayan & Gauri Love Story

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri page 73-74 on the paperback   One day, inside one of the books he’d given her, there was a


After getting more apart from my early 20’s, I felt like turning back to the younger version of myself. Much younger, when I was

A Gift and Letter in the Morning

When was the last time you received a letter? I just had one this morning, handwritten letter, delivering thoughts, best wishes and prayer from

York, 2014

During our UK trip, we only spent a night in York after Scotland, before heading back to London. It was a pretty packed itinerary


“I think a lot of conflicts in the world happened because everybody was trying to fix everybody.” - Sita Dewi   And those who

Pasar Seni ITB 2014

My personal tagline for Pasar Seni ITB: "Art, people, and the art of getting along with (too many) people." Read more

Nevis Range, Scotland

I realized that I haven’t completed posting about my UK trip. Even for Scotland itself, I haven’t posted the best part of it: Nevis

Long Distance Birthday Celebration

Maybe you wonder why I haven’t talked much about Long Distance Marriage (LDM) and maybe you even expect LDM Survival Tips & Trick. At

Remembering Rangga

I sincerely hope that bringing Rangga back from 2002 would remind adolescents nowadays that poems are charm, guys who love to read are attractive

First Shots of Sexy One

I finally decided to give up my DSLR and got myself a mirrorless camera. After obsessively browsing and checking countless reviews (and of course

Glen Coe, Scotland

I finally went to Glen Coe, the breathtaking landscape which appeared in Skyfall, one of my favorite movies (and our first date movie hihihi)

Loch Ness, Scotland

Scotland, September 2014

Bekerja dengan Ikhlas

Banyak sekali pelajaran yang saya dapat dari Ayah saya dalam bekerja. Salah satu yang paling penting dan saya ingat baik-baik adalah bahwa bekerja itu