A Gift and Letter in the Morning

When was the last time you received a letter? I just had one this morning, handwritten letter, delivering thoughts, best wishes and prayer from Prisanti Putri (also known as Cupris). To make it beyond beautiful, it came along with a pair of cute white bunny flat shoes (which perfectly sums a couple of things I really like: white, cute bunny, and flat shoes). She said that she had read my LDM post and told me about her be-missed sister in Scotland. She really wanted to make me feel better.

New shoes :3


If you know Cupris already, you might not be so surprised by her act of thoughtfulness. She is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. No, not because she sent me a gift. I’ve known her since I joined film & photography club in university (which has always been full of thoughtful people) and seen how she treated her friends and close friends, how she made everyone felt special. I’ve been reading her blog for years (and her blog is always on my ‘oh-let’s-do-blogwalking-where-should-I-start’ mental list). I’ve been admiring her spirit and colorfulness as if a path of rainbow was left after her steps, not because she’s like a unicorn but because she works on it.

Now the letter. A part of me wanted to rewrite the whole letter so I can share the happiness for you. Another part of me wanted to keep it for myself, you know, like a private treasure. I guess in life we all need to bargain, even with ourselves, so I’ll write the most quotable lines from the letter.

“Distance is a risk one can make, but don’t blame the Earth for staying where it is. It once told you that it is wiser to calm down and sits patiently. Waiting for the storm to pass, waiting for the kiss that sent behind every wind, between the voices of the falling leaves.”

I’m not sure the best way to thank Cupris or everyone else who makes my day. I just wish deeply and pray for them. I’m very sure that every good thing, every kindness, every positive energy they release to the universe will come back to them, in more amazing way 🙂

Thank you, Cup :’)